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Why are small breed dogs hard to potty train?

Why are small BREED DOGS hard to POTTY TRAIN?

Toy breeds can have extraordinary issues in housetraining. Think about your toy breed as a dog and NOT as an infant or as part human. Have similar desires for your dog as you would on the off chance that it was a Brilliant Retriever or Extraordinary Dane. 
Be steady with it in training. Decline to acknowledge "mishaps" – which implies you should be careful in watching your dog and getting him not long before the entertainer in the demonstration and getting him promptly to his potty spot and utilizing your sign word. 

Understand that pottying is done when the dog can't ensure himself, so your dog must have a sense of security in his potty spot. Particularly on the off chance that he is under 12 pounds, it is significant for him to have a sense of safety when taken or sent to his potty spot. 
Ensure he can't see or be seen by an enormous dog or other &quo…