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How does animals see the world ?

 today we're gonna be looking at how
10 different animals see so we're used
to see the world through our eyes but
most animals are completely different
eyes and see the world totally
going to allow you guys to see the world
through the eyes of 10 different animals
i'll try to apply to all of you
so coming in at number 10 that we have
dogs so he wouldn't have five color
codes in their eyes and these codes
divided up into four primary colors
which are red green blue and yellow but
dogs only see blue and yellow so

compared to humans also be colorblind

and that's why they have such a good
sense of smell because it is so weak
and if you guys can't see the ? in this
the image then you have eyes like a dog
because they wouldn't be able to either
because they wouldn't be able to tell
the difference between red and green and
it's a popular myth the dog fancy color
at all and see things in black and white
but no they're partially colorblind but
they can see some colors another weird
the thing about dogs vision is that they
could only see at 60 degrees what's in
front of them what humans concealers 140
degrees in front of them and if you know
if you put something really close your
eyes and then it gets all blurry
well dogs don't have that and I kinfolk
some things are very close to the but
not as far away as the human eye but
coming up next we have sat so we all
know that only come out at night and
because of that, they have a bad vision but
their vision is 110 times brighter than
a human vision so they can see in the dark
more easily division they do have it's
like thermal night vision but they

mainly rely on high-pitched noises that
a lot of bats put out to get around and
to communicate their ideas polarized
light switch our light waves that are
parallel to each other and vibrate in a
single pain but yeah that has a red
Center vision to see thermally and they
sometimes also seen a regular light vision
mode when they're not looking for prey
to eat but next up we have been so like
dogs so have all of the colors
receptors for the four primary colors
are the ones they do have a blue and
green but not yellow and red but they
can also see the UV spectrum meaning
they can actually see UV lighting that
humans cars and obviously because
because of these certain colors of AC
plants and flowers very differently have
compared to humans but they can also see
things that are invisible to us such as
ultraviolet light patterns in the center
of plants and flowers and this can help
be determined for wants to take the
pollen and nectar from a certain flower
or not because they can see UV lighting
just color depending on the certain type
and quantity of pollen and nectar so it
basically, use the ultraviolet light
seeing the ability to take them to the clubs
with the most nectar and pollen so they
can make more money for us to eat but
next up we have sharp so you know when
you go into the water and open your eyes
it goes all blurry and then you can
really see anything until you come up
again well sharks complete clearly
underwater just like how we see when
we're not in water and sharks see all in
black and white and that allows them to
see clear contrast in lightness and
darkness as we all know that when you go
down to the bottom of the ocean, it can
be dark and also in the ocean that
there's a lot of areas with murky waters
well sharkskin seems dark murky water
because they have something called the
tapetum do dis year which is the layer
of marriage crystals located behind the
retina the next up we have bird so good
size of a lot differently humanized but
they're also very cool so in a
bird's-eye distance or whatever they're
looking at is magnified because they're
I muscles focus on certain places but
also have four silicones in the eyes
called photoreceptors while humans only
have 2 I'm this allows them to see
ultraviolet lights kind of like a bee
add another crazy thing about good
vision is that the considers magnetic
the field which is now able to migrate to
hot countries in the winter and the
Earth's magnetic field would look like
this to a bird once trips that move
right list than anywhere else
12s all very impressive but at least I
don't crash into windows and a regular
basis the next up we have rat so you
might not think the rats are the most
interesting animals subdivision is
pretty cool
that's actually seen with both eyes
separately and then the views of the two
hours to put together and was really
creepy each I can move independently so
what I might be looking up for the other
could be looking down or what I could be
looking left while the other is looking
right and right saucy things in slow
a motion so that they can focus on the
detail of thing because the rice is a
very slow compared to the human side and
rats or so color blind to the color red
but that doesn't matter too much because
they can't see that many other colors
anyway because the rise has a blue tint
which allows them to see at night and in
dark places but next up we have flown so
if you look closely it supplies I you'll
see it has thousands of small circles
making of its size and these are
actually, the Flies lenses which a
marriage onto their vision so they can
actually, see the same thing at many
times and fly to the north with the
ultraviolet light and I've already
explained how that works
also like rats like conceding slow
motion to help them focus on certain
things but that's actually not a good
the thing to them because it makes it easier
for them to get sorted by us while just
imagine how much more annoying maybe if
they saw things at regular speed the
next up we have snakes so we look at
snakes recently she has their eyes
activists me stereotypes they can see
some color but at night they can see
infrared because they have incredibly
sensitive infrared sensors located on
their heads and this can be used to see
where heat is so if they can sneak up on
their prey at night and killed
immediately as they can also export
humans the light with this so if you go
out for a peaceful stroll one night just
be sure to attract make my next up we
have fish so fish could only see red
green and blue meaning they have a very
limited color spectrum and that so that
they can see in the dark murky waters
deep down in the seat was that lack of
colors are only really needed for ocean
fish you go down into dark mocha water
but the house fish that you guys might
have a pet also see like this which is
pretty pointless because they don't even
live in dark murky water well in the
supposedly Winston doesn't clean out the
a tax that officials to see a much wider
angle and humans which is where the term
fisheye comes from and fish also have
ultraviolet light receptors inside their
eyes which allow them to see UV light
damn it seems like almost every animal
on this list concealed for violet light
but next up we have cats so the first we
think about a cat I just that they have
an inter-island inside there I which
gives them extra protection against
things getting the rise and cats only
see yellow Strauss and blues and that's
because cats have many more votes than
humans do which allows them to seems dim
light but the human retina also has more
cones especially in the area of the
phobia which is all codes are no roads
at all have this allows us to see bright
vibrant things in the sunlight sluts
attached all of the colors straight out
and it looks left happy and bright and
it's also a lot more blurry the
high-resolution you're used to seeing so
if you had cat vision it would be like
everything is permanently out of focus
and Captain goes a lot wider than human
because cats have a visual field that
spans the massive 200 degrees compared
to the 180-degree visuals found that
humans have so you guys would you rather
see in the dark like a cat's all have


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