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can dogs have ham bones ?

can dogs have ham bones
Perhaps. Cooked bones can chip and make extreme inward harm dogs. Hambones from table pieces are completely untouchable, alongside some other cooked bones. Mutts' solid stomach corrosive helps separate bones and slaughter potential microscopic organisms. In any case, ham bones present potential dangers, and should just be devoured under cautious perception.

Symptoms to Look Fordogs should just eat crude ham bones under supervision, on a surface that can without much of a stretch be cleaned (like tile or tile). Watch for these side effects, if there should be an occurrence of disease or confusions: 
Wicked stool 
Dental issues

Avoid giving your dog cooking bones of any kind,giving your dog bones if he has stomach problems,giving your dog a bone to chew if there is another dog visiting,giving your dog the wrong kind of bones,letting your dog chew any kind of bones into small pieces, you canoffer raw meat bonessupervise your dog when …