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There are many types of domestic cats. Some cherish the smoothness of his fur. Cats can all be of one color (white, black, brown, gray) or of two colors, or of petal hills sometimes as a tiger. The eyes of domestic cats are usually yellow or green, and cats with white fur can be blue-eyed.

That Siamese cat. He was so named because he came from Siam. Very friendly and intelligent animal. The fur is light brown, or white, impregnated with a pale yellow as the color of the cream. The Siamese cat has two large blue eyes. we can say that the Siamese cat is the between most loved cats in the world.

Iranian cats have long, very thick fur, and for that, they need constant cleaning and care.
she has short legs with a wide head and faces closer to be flat and with a variety of colors, the most common color white or grey and black in a lot of times.

Dog in ancient times

The dog has been domesticated in the Stone Age. As the cave paintings of the Paleolithic period illustrate, hunting scenes with dogs and, unfortunately, the drawings are inaccurate to give us an idea of exactly what types of dogs were used by stone man exactly. Modern-day people had a wolf-like breed of dogs, where the remains of fossils found inside their homes.

The ancient Egyptians had obtained 4,000 or 5,000 years ago clear and distinct breeds, including Greyhound-like breeds, and other similar to hunting dogs. Dogs were mentioned in Greek and Roman literature in the first few centuries BC.

The Romans owned many breeds, house dogs, grazing dogs, and various hunting dogs. Special guard dogs were used to guard temples and public buildings. Cyrus king of Persia had dogs trained in warfare. It was also used to fight predatory monsters in the Roman arenas. but of course, everything changes.

German shepherd

Shepherd dog family: It is one of the most useful types of dogs.
(1) Alsatian: An excellent type of shepherd dog, which can be trained to be a police dog, for personal protection, or guard.
(2) Old English Shepherd Dog: his fur is covered with a radiant cover, strong and intelligent, and has a great ability to guard herds of cattle.
(3) Collie: A spoiled Scottish dog, pet for decoration in the southern regions, but faces a hard life in his native Scotland, for his responsibility to guard the owner's sheep.